Get It Right – what’s that book worth?

Talk is cheap, entertainment is prolific, fashion is fast. We know that we live in a disposable, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of world. But while the economies of scale might mean that you can get a decent bite to eat with your loose change, I say that we need to take a moment and make sure we have an adequate appreciation of the value of those shows, songs and, of course, books, we consume.

If you follow @GetItRight – the twitter arm of the ‘Get It Right from Genuine Site’ campaign, you’ll have noticed a number of tweets that put into perspective that performance you might have streamed at home, or that novel you read on your commute. For instance:

get it right 1

get it right 2get it right 3

Strenuous effort, considerable thought and possibly some tears went into your entertainment. Are you buying or downloading from a genuine site and helping to foster continued creativity?

Lesley Crooks, Publishing Manager

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