Living the Dream

A job advert went viral last week that has to be one of the most enviable in the world: a Police Constable on the Isle of Scilly -where the number of crimes last year was twenty-four.


Sergeant Colin Taylor wrote that required attributes would be ‘unflinching confidence’ to know what to do when alerted to ‘an abandoned seal pup making its way up the high street’, ‘rescuing goldfish’ and ‘guarding clogs for Dutchmen’.

People from around the world from Australia to Ukraine have responded to the advert and the police force’s Facebook page has been inundated with hopeful replies.

The charming lives of the Scilly residents is best epitomised in Sergeant Taylor’s frequent and hilarious chronicling of everyday events: last month, the Land Rover siren sounded. He wrote, ‘Sorry about that. We have a new chap over from Truro . . . He’s ever so keen and never been here before. He took it upon himself to do our vehicle checks. I always wondered what the sirens sounded like but it seemed intrusive and excitable to switch them on.’

Shall we all just pack up now and move there?

Sophie, Editorial.

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