Literary Everests…

We’ve been spoiled for Team GB achievements these past weeks: our cup of golden glory runneth over. And it’s in the light of this success that I read some of the responses online to the ‘official’ ten most difficult books as proposed by literary site The Millions on Publisher’s Weekly. If you like scaling the literary equivalent of Mount Everest, take note. (You might also like to catch up on ex-A&B alumna Georgina Phipps’s blogs through War and Peace, starting here).

The eclectic list might inspire some interesting last minute holiday reading…or not. It was of course going to prompt plenty of responses along the lines of  “But that’s an easy one…” as well as further examples from the battle-scarred at the literary frontline. I wondered, though whether the most interesting idea it raises is whether it’s important to derive a sense of achievement from our reading pile, as well as the pleasure in reading we take for granted? How many books can we say we may not have strictly enjoyed, but feel the slog through them was well worth it?

Unfortunately it’s far easier to remember the books that have defeated me: Bonfire of the Vanities, Return of the Native, Nausea


There’s plenty of room here on the wall of shame if you want to join in…

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager


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