Kickstarting the love of stories

Recently, bestselling author Rachel Caine successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to get her mega-popular Morganville Vampires books made into a Web TV Series. Fans have been clamouring to see their favourite Morganville characters on screens, and finally, thanks to these same hordes of fans who pledged their support for the project, they will see their wish materialised online this winter.  More about that here…

And today, I received in my inbox, news of two more Kickstarter initiatives encouraging more love for books and stories.

1. The Little Free Library Project: This project began in 2009 and when Tod Bol built and erected a birdhouse-style structure in his community and filled it with books for people to take and replace. There are now 10,000 book-birdhouses dotted around the world including three in the UK, more specifically in Colchester (Essex), Launton (Oxfordshire) and Berkamstead (Hertfordshire).  This particular Kickstarter campaign aims to set one up in Salem, USA, but anyone can build one and get it erected in their own community. Read more here…

2.  The Choosatron:  A portable box that blends storytelling with interactive fun, creating a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style stories with the press of  button!  I love the clunk,y homemade look of this story-box toy, which harks back to my own childhood when everything wasn’t slick and digital.  I watch 2-year-olds dexterously playing with ipads and can’t help feeling a pang of nostalgia.  I must admit I still don’t quite understand how the Choosatron actually works, but getting children (or indeed adults like me) to enjoy the simple delight of a makeshift box that spits out your own individual story gets my vote.  Plus, I’m already intrigued by two of the possible storylines already: The Librarian’s Apprentice and The Spy Who Killed Me.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager


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