In need of fashion advice.

Winter is definitely here. Today I woke up in the dark, fumbled my way to the shower (still in the dark so as not to wake my other-half) ,and attempted to find something suitable to wear to work which didn’t make me look like (quoting said other-half): “a 60-year-old spinster”.

I’ll refrain from sharing my retort here…

My attempt failed however. Here I am, wearing yet another bulky turtle-neck and my staple black wrap-around cardigan as it’s about the only thing that keeps me warm these days. Perfect attire for sitting cosily in an armchair reading a gripping book (like Black Seconds, by Karin Fossum – which I’m currently loving) but not winning any fashion points.

A winter wardrobe rehaul is in order…  Perhaps I should start with a copy of The One Hundred: An A-to-Z Guide to the 100 Items Every Stylish Woman Must Own, by Nina Garcia – as a former Fashion Director at Elle, she must know something…  But anyone else have any good suggestions for must-have winter items, favourite websites or London stores where I can begin my winter shopping spree?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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