I’m looking for a book, I think it’s about a monster

I often read or hear about a book and then make a mental note to track down a copy. But sometimes, no matter how interesting the book sounds, I fail to remember the title or it’s author. This was the case recently with an illustrated book I was trying to find – all I could remember is what it was about a monster. Not particularly helpful. I had a feeling it wasn’t an adults book, so I ended up Googling phrases such as ‘monster children’s book’ which brought up a few interesting results.

After a few attempts, I got lucky. The book I was searching for was A Monster Calls, written by Patrick Ness and illustrated by Jim Kay.


It’s a young adult book about a boy named Conor who wakes up one night to find a monster outside his window. And it wants the one thing from Conor he doesn’t want to give – the truth. A dark and moving story, it’s brought to life by Kay’s wild illustrations:


Have you been searching for a long, lost book?

Sophie Robinson, Editorial Administrator

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