Friday Giveaway: The perfect way to deal with winter…

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There is really only one way to deal with a cold and chilly winter.

1. Stay indoors and get comfortable under your favourite blanket.

2. Choose a pertinent novel set in the dead of winter (pun intended) so you don’t lose the wintry atmosphere but can feel doubly snug and smug at the fact that the characters in the novel are braving the cold whilst you stay nice and warm.

3. Choose a real page-turner so there’s no excuse to remove yourself from said book and aforementioned blanket.

4. Get your hands on a SIGNED book so you can feel snug, smug and even smugger in knowledge that other readers around this cold country, who may also be under blanket with book, may not be holding one the author has inked by hand.

How will I achieve this perfect state of wintry reading bliss, you ask? Easy.

Just enter our current competition to win a SIGNED copy of Elizabeth Corley’s gripping thriller, Dead of Winter.

ENTER HERE and have a good weekend!

Chiara Priorelli,  Publicity and Online Marketing Manager

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