Colouring Makes a Comeback

This week I read an article in The Guardian that made me think, thank goodness it’s not just me. Yes, the colouring book has made a comeback. Currently topping the Amazon bestseller list, many adults are indulging in an activity that is both relaxing and nostalgic.

lion colouring

I first brought the colouring back into my life during university. With an eight-hour week there was little else to do, but beyond escaping boredom, my Disney colouring books were the ultimate childhood conversation starter (although it should be noted that I am still an avid Disney fan). I ended up remembering things from my childhood that I thought I’d long since forgotten.

winnie the pooh

However, while my choice was a childhood throwback, publishers have been producing adult-targeted colouring books for some time. Among the beautiful, intricate images of animals and scenery you can create, there is something far more important that can be achieved: Ryan Gosling. Yes, it is possible to buy a Ryan Gosling colouring book, to create his face and allow him to literally fill your life (available on


But enough of that, the adult colouring book is often marketed as a way to relieve everyday stresses, and it doesn’t seem as though this growing trend will relent any time soon.  Due to its ever-increasing popularity, Michael Mara, for instance, plans to increase their current range from 17 to 22 titles by May.

fox colouring

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