Breakfast is Business

I have often wondered why people feel the need to broadcast on Twitter or Facebook what they are having for breakfast. Now if it were something special, like they were sitting in Mama’s in San Francisco (my n.1 favourite breakfast place in the world) and waxing lyrical about their Banana Nut French Toast, that’s one thing; but hearing that they are having a second bowl of Cheerios, is another. Yet I am about to do just what I complain about: share with you the fact that I had an English Muffin for breakfast.

I tell you this, however, because I recently brought these muffins back with me from my holiday in the States. Some people bring back T-shirts, I bring back muffins. Why? Because, here in the UK, you can not get the same Thomas’ English Muffins, with the trademark ‘nooks and crannies’, that make them so crunchily scrumptious. Here, they may look the same from the outside, but they are not the same on the inside.

We actually discussed this to some length over my holiday (there was little to do in the Maine countryside) and my American family remain sceptical about my claims that I can not find them here (“But they are English muffins!?”). So as I bit into my American-English Muffin this morning, I found myself Google-ing the subject and brought up an interesting article which reveals these special ‘nooks and crannies’ are indeed a closely guarded secret in the English Muffin world… Read article here.

I am used to binding contracts and copyright issues surrounding manuscripts, cover designs and digital content, but it’s interesting to be reminded that even recipes for toasted bread are carefully guarded and protected by the legal system. Everything is business – even when it’s seems to be just breakfast.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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