Bradley Cooper is The Elephant Man

In an office made up of women, it’s probably not suprising that Bradley Cooper  should come up in conversation. But before you think our discussion didn’t evolve past the word “Yum”, I will quickly say that our conversation did not, in fact, involve any lascivious comments (akin to those spoken by men watching beach volleyball at the recent Olympics) whatsoever.


At least not today.

(We are, after all, human.)

We were, instead, talking about the news that Cooper has been playing a far less glamourous character: The Elephant Man, in a new stage production in Massachusetts – with his sights on Broadway.  Having originally pegged him as the Token Eye-candy in films like The Hangover, he surprised me in Limitless and now am incredibly curious to see him take on this darker and physically challenging role.  I also can’t help but wonder if he read a copy of our book The True History of the Elephant Man to help him get into the part.

 Or perhaps I should send him one just in case. With my contact details in it, of course, so he knows who it’s from.  You know, purely for professional, publicity reasons and all.  Don’t you think?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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