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Three-Martini Lunch

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Suzanne Rindell
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749020798
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New York, 1958. Three people striving to make their mark on an unforgiving city. Can they navigate the passions, the pitfalls and the power games as they reach for success?


Cliff Nelson, a privileged New Yorker, is slumming it around Greenwich Village, enjoying the idea that he is the next Jack Kerouac.


Eden Katz arrives in the city with one burning ambition, but she is shocked at the stumbling blocks she encounters.


Miles Tillman is an aspiring writer who straddles various worlds and belongs to none.


‘A gripping fictional dispatch from the world of talented writers and editors with big dreams, secrets, and booze bills’ – Entertainment Weekly

What The Critics Said

'Great plot twists and lashings of Homburg-hatted, sharp-suited, shiny-shoed Cary Grant ambience.'

Daily Mail

'Rindell has the gift of creating truthful characters with individual voices, and of putting them into settings that feel totally authentic . . . Rindell is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and skilled new writers I’ve come across in recent years, coming up with original stories and great characters, and writing them with an easy assurance many a more experienced author must watch with envy.'

Fiction Fan

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