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The Sunset Years of Agnes Sharp


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ISBN 9780749030384
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One murder to solve and another to cover up. It’ll be tricky, but the OAP residents of Sunset Hall are going to have a stab at it.

Sunset Hall is a house share for the old and unruly, led by Agnes Sharp. It’s an eventful day when this group of idiosyncratic seniors gets a visit from the police to inform them of some shocking news. A body has been discovered next door. Everyone puts on a long face, but they are secretly relieved the body in question is not the one they’re currently hiding in the shed (sorry, Lillith). It seems the answer to their little problem with Lillith may have fallen right into their lap. All they have to do is find out who murdered their neighbour, so they can pin Lillith’s death on them, thus killing two old birds with one stone. To investigate, the group (not forgetting Hettie the tortoise) will venture into the not-so-idyllic village of Duck End and tangle with sinister bakers, broken stair lifts, inept criminals and their own dark secrets.

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