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Agnes Sharp and the Trip of a Lifetime


E-book, Hardback, Paperback


Author Leonie Swann
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749031503
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Holiday to-do list:

  • Enjoy afternoon tea ✔️
  • Book a massage ✔️
  • Find a new murder to get false teeth into ✔️

As winter begins to bite at Sunset Hall, Agnes Sharp is grudgingly pleased to discover that one of her fellow OAP housemates has won a luxury holiday to a secluded Cornish hotel called the Eden. The incredible menu, spa treatments and an unexpected boa constrictor aside, Agnes and her geriatric companions will soon discover that the hotel is a long way from paradise.

They have barely checked in when Agnes sees a disturbing incident on the clifftop: could she have witnessed a murder? A storm cuts the hotel off from the outside world and the body count starts to rise. There is a cold-blooded killer on the loose and it is up to the senior-citizen sleuths to get to the bottom of it. Unlike them, the day is still young, and there is a lot to do.


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