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The Ravens of Blackwater

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Author Edward Marston
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749025595
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The small village of Maldon is controlled by the w ealthy and rapacious Fitzcorbucion family, led by Hamo Fitzcorbucion, the lord of Blackwater Castle. A volatile bully, Hamo has amassed wealth and land by means both legal and shady, intimidating the villagers into silence. When his eldest son, Guy, is found murdered, an enraged Hamo demands justice and will stop at nothing to get it.


Into this charged atmosphere arrives a tribunal, led by soldier Ralph Delchard and lawyer Gervase Bret. Surveying the lands of Maldon, the tribunal detects irregularities in various deeds, and plans to call the Fitzcorbucion family to account. With tension high between Saxon and Norman factions in the village, Ralph and Gervase find some relaxation in the gentler company of nuns. But


Guy’s murder, and Hamo’s quest for revenge, force Ralph and Gervase to deal with dangerous matters far beyond their original duties.

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  1. Kathleen Ingram

    Thanks to Lesley@allisonandbusby for Book 2 of the Domesday Series which I very much enjoyed. I am going to reread this whole series ( read 1-3 in the past).Book #2 had much more vibrant characterization than the first, often the case for series!

    Continuing to follow Gervase Bret,chancery legal expert and half Saxon,and Ralph Delchaird Norman soldier and their clerical assistants, as they continue to follow problems in the Domesday Book. The foursome and it’s escorts are much more comfortable with each other than in the pilot book of the series.

    There continue to be tensions between Saxons, Normans, and occasionally Danes in the recently conquered land, and the mix of this group of fixers” seem to work well. Post Norman Conquest 11th Century England is quite fascinating in it’s customs laws and mores and I am on to the next volume.

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