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The Repentant Rake

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Edward Marston
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749008086
Pages 324
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Could the disappearance of Sir Julius Cheever’s son, a notorious rakehell, and the fact that a blackmailer is terrorising London’s most dissolute fops be connected? Divided by politics but united in a desire to see justice done, Christopher Redmayne and Jonathan Bale join together once more.


But how can they hope to find those who exploit the scandal of others, when the victims themselves will do anything to maintain their anonymity? And what of Sir Julius’ son? Most feel he must have been the victim of his own, debauched appetites, but a few talk of his repentance. So where is the repentant rake? And, with only lies, rumours and gossip to work with, even Redmayne and Bale despair of finding him.

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'An entertaining, well-paced, and engaging read'

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