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Primal Cut

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Author Ed O’Connor
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749018986
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Eight years ago, the national tabloids had a feeding frenzy over the ‘Primal Cut’ killings. The Garrod brothers, East End butchers, had turned their expertise to rendering human flesh.

The case made DS Alison Dexter notorious. She identified the murderers and ended their orgy of killing, but in the process took what Bartholomew Garrod most valued: his brother’s life. With her career in ruins and her personal safety in jeopardy, Dexter was transferred to Cambridgeshire.

Now Dexter finds herself drawn into an investigation probing the underbelly of the area’s crime scene – bare-knuckle boxing, dog fights and murder. As she gets closer to the truth, it’s clear Garrod hasn’t forgotten the debt she owes him – he wants his pound of flesh and will do whatever it takes to get it.

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“A compulsive page-turner…a sexed-up and violent thriller…thoroughly enjoyable:”

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