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Murder at the Louvre


E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback


Author Jim Eldridge
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749029975
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Paris, 1899. Abigail Wilson receives a letter from Professor Alphonse Flamand, a prominent French Professor of Archaeology, inviting her to join him on an archaeological dig in Egypt. Abigail is overjoyed to be presented with such an opportunity and prepares to meet the Professor at his office in The Louvre to discuss their upcoming plans.

As Daniel has never been to Paris, the couple travel together, but when Abigail goes to the appointment, she finds Flamand with a knife in his chest. She pulls out the knife and tries to save him, but he is already dead. Suddenly, a secretary arrives and sees Abigail kneeling over the bloodied body. Abigail is arrested by security guards and taken to the police station despite pleading her innocence. There she is questioned and accused of Flamand’s brutal murder … how will the Museum Detectives get out of this conundrum?

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