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Losing Ground



Author Catherine Aird
Rights UK & Comm
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The dramatic theft of an 18th Century painting is discovered just moments before the old manor house uniquely depicted in the background of the portrait is set alight; coincidence? Does the reputation of the Baronet, the subject of the painting, as a hell-raiser and member of the Crustacean club have any connection to the fire? Events become decidedly more complex as a grisly spectacle is sighted in the blazing inferno moments before the roof collapses.

The pile of bones spotted in the burning room only deepens the mystery which Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby have to piece together, a puzzle which has its roots deep in Berebury’s history. Although Tolmie Park has had a somewhat chequered and mysterious past there are those in the community who would fight to preserve it. There are also a number of factions within the area who have differing plans to develop the property, shrouding the blaze in further suspicion. It is up to the team to sift through this assortment of characters and illuminate the truth; in this close knit village of Berebury somebody must have answers.


What The Critics Said

‘A complicated and satisfying mystery’

Deadly Pleasures

‘Glorious…fun…and with a great deal of impish humour, Catherine Aird serves up a delightful social satire'

Birmingham Post

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