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The Language of Bees

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Author Laurie R King
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749007195
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A New York Times bestselling series


“Capitaine Adler, it is not often that a man is given the opportunity to say this, but may I present your father? M. Holmes, your son, Captain Damian Adler”.


For Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, returning to the Sussex coast after seven months abroad was a delicious anticipation. There was even a mystery to solve – the unexplained disappearance of an entire colony of bees from one of Holmes’s beloved hives. But the anticipated sweetness of their homecoming is quickly tempered by a bitter memory from her husband’s past.

Mary had met Damian Adler only once before, when the promising surrealist painter had been charged with – and exonerated from – murder. Now the talented and troubled young man is enlisting their help again, this time in a desperate search for his missing wife and child.

From suicides among the Standing Stones to a bizarre religious cult, from the demi-monde of the Café Royal at the heart of Bohemian London to the dark secrets of a young woman’s past on the streets of Shanghai, Russell will find herself on the trail of a killer more dangerous than any she’s ever faced – a killer Sherlock Holmes himself may be protecting for reasons near and dear to his heart.


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What The Critics Said

'Those of us who enjoy the verbal exchanges between Holmes and Watson will like the repartee between the married duo. Recommended.’

Antipodean Holmesian Society

'I enjoyed the pace, the inventiveness of the author in her criminals and that wonderful sense of Victoriana and period history that is captured beautifully. Laurie R King has a beautiful way with words and I have to admit to being charmed!'

Words and Pieces

'All [Laurie R King books] without exception, leave me with a feeling of immense satisfaction at the quality of the story and the writing.'

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