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Hope at Holly Cottage

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ISBN 9780749009861
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An endearing tale of warmth and friendship, love and hope set in the city of Plymouth and the wilds of Dartmoor in the 1950s.

The future seems rosy for Plymouth schoolgirl Anna Millington as she studies for teacher training college. But Anna’s life isn’t all that it appears. Her family hides a cruel secret, the result of the worst night of the Plymouth Blitz back in 1941 and a night Anna remembers all too well. Now, in 1954, the devastating consequences erupt again in tragedy, leaving Anna fearing for her own safety and forced to abandon her aspirations of a career.

Escaping to nearby Dartmoor, Anna is reminded of the fond memories she has of that area following the evacuation from Plymouth, but will her return to the moor bring her hope? Along the way, Anna encounters various other victims of fate who have their own secrets to tell. Will they all have the courage to seek out the happiness they deserve, and will Anna be able to help them – or herself?

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