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Falling Creatures

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Katherine Stansfield
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749021436
Pages 320
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Cornwall, 1844. On a lonely moorland farm not far from Jamaica Inn, farmhand Shilly finds love in the arms of Charlotte Dymond. But Charlotte has many secrets, possessing powers that cause both good and ill. When she’s found on the moor with her throat cut, Shilly is determined to find out who is responsible, and so is the stranger calling himself Mr Williams who asks for Shilly’s help. Mr Williams has secrets too, and Shilly is thrown into the bewildering new world of modern detection.


What The Critics Said

‘This is a Gothic tale with a swirling mist of speculation surrounding the mysterious Charlotte Dymond. … As this was a notorious real life murder without a satisfactory explanation of events this book provides very interesting reading.’

Jennifer Palmer

‘Katherine Stansfield’s second novel is as atmospheric a look into Cornwall as her first … Falling Creatures is steeped in Victorian mist, mud and moor stone. It’s a strong setting for this supernatural murder story … If you liked His Bloody Project, you’ll enjoy Falling Creatures. They both exist in the narrow confines of small communities on the outer edges, built on peat and codes of honour.’

Rhian Reads

‘Stansfield also shares du Maurier’s talent for finely crafted storytelling. … she evokes the unnerving sense of confusion and secrecy that pervaded The Visitor.’

New Welsh Review

'An eerily haunting tale'

Peterborough Telegraph

'Beautifully realised . . . Stansfield manages 
to create a dark and macabre atmosphere that feels 
fresh and original' 

The Times (Historical Fiction Book of the Month)

'Full of dark wisdom and mystery. A thoroughly good read'

Paula Brackston, author of The Witch’s Daughter

'An enticing adventure of a novel, rich in beautifully realised period detail'

Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat

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