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Deep Freeze

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback

Author Patricia Hall
Rights UK & Comm. excl. Canada
ISBN 9780749005641
Pages 260
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As one of the few local clinics to offer abortions, the May Anderson Hospital is used to controversy. But when a young girl is gunned down as she leaves, almost everyone is outraged. Only thirteen years old, Dana’s life has ended before it had really begun.

Reporter Laura Ackroyd and her policeman boyfriend, DCI Michael Thackeray, are both soon immersed in the case. Could the bullet have been intended for Dr Fenton-Green, the maverick surgeon who is deeply unpopular with the pro-life campaigners? A flamboyant American envangelist has just swung into town and tensions are certainly at fever pitch.

But things don’t add up. Ackroyd and Thackeray are convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye. And with very different attitudes towards the subject of abortion, it is not long before the issues raised threaten to destroy their own relationship…

What The Critics Said

'A powerful and memorable story, Deep Freeze will make readers want to find any earlier entries in the series they may have missed.’

Mystery News.

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