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Danger of Defeat


E-book, Hardback


Author Edward Marston
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March 1918. Detective Inspector Harvey Marmion and Detective Sergeant Joe Keedy hear about a sinister siege involving three burglars. They rush to the scene and learn that a policeman was shot dead during the burglary. Attempts at talking the men in the house into surrender are met with stony silence. When the door is battered down, Keedy bravely leads the way in. A gunshot is heard. Keedy has been hit.

The burglary is only the latest of a series carried out by the men. Marmion has to investigate each one. As he does so, startling revelations emerge. Keedy is slowly recovering in hospital but it is no place of safety. One of the burglars has vowed to kill him. Keedy feels defenceless.

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