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The Coffin Trail

Cover of The Coffin Trail

Author: Martin Edwards

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749082918
Rights: UK & Commonwealth ex Canada
Pub. Date: 31st October 2005

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Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

Part of the series:
Lake District Cold-Case Mysteries

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Oxford historian Daniel Kind and his partner Miranda both want to escape to a new life. On impulse they buy a cottage in Brackdale, an idyllic valley in the Lake District. But though they hope to live the dream, the past soon catches up with them.

Tarn Cottage was once home to Barrie Gilpin, suspected of a savage murder. A young woman's body was found on the Sacrifice Stone, an ancient pagan site up on the fell, but Barrie died before he could be arrested. Daniel has personal reasons for becoming fascinated by the case and for believing in Barrie`s innocence. When the police launch a cold case review, Brackdale's skeletons begin to rattle and the lives of Daniel and DCI Hannah Scarlett become strangely entwined. Daniel and Hannah each find themselves risking their lives as they search for a ruthless murderer who is prepared to kill again to hide a shocking secret.

What Critics Have Said»

‘First rate…an engrossingly creepy crime thriller’Guardian

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‘Edwards’ mastery of the psychological thriller is as assured as ever’Crime Time

'The Coffin Trail has all the ingredients you need for a wonderful, absorbing read: a crime deeply rooted in the past, a beautifully-evoked sense of the Lake District and an interesting and diverse group of characters'.Peter Robinson

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