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Christmas in Peppercorn Street

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Anna Jacobs
Rights World English
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Christmas is fast approaching but for some people living at the top end of Peppercorn Street, the mood is far from festive. Luke Morgan is not getting on with his teenage daughter, who has recently returned to live with him. In a nearby village Claire Small is trying to avoid her sadistic ex who is stalking her. When Claire and Luke are thrown together by a car accident caused by her dog, it’s obvious that she is in danger and he impulsively invites Claire, her delightful small daughter and their lovable dog to take refuge in his home.


Can the presence of strangers help to rebuild the relationship between Luke and his own daughter? And will this Christmas give them the best present of all: a new family – or will Claire’s ex again cause trouble?

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  1. ReadAlongWithSue zsue Ward

    I knew this was book 5 in the Peppercorn Street series but it's definitely a stand alone.
    I absolutely got more than I bargained for reading this, it was awesome.

    I just had to get back to reading this each chance I got.

    I'm not going to give much away as I don't like that myself. So…..

    You have a woman and her daughter who are on the run hiding from an abusive partner.

    You have a lovely gentle-man, yes, a 'gentle' man who works hard for where he's got in life.
    Nice home and plenty in the bank.
    His ex dumps his daughter on him. He doesn't mind at all as he wants more to do with his daughter, however, his daughter isn't very talkative, she's been a bit poisoned by her mother against her father it seems.

    These two meet under certain circumstances.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not a happy clappy romance, far from it.

    Her ex is in search of his daughter Gabby.

    This is a brief outline as like I say, between these pages is not full of kisses under the mistletoe.

    I really enjoyed it, Anna Jacobs is an author I read from my mid twenties onwards. I think she's written over 80 books. Or somewhere around that, she's such a fabulous storyteller.

    Great Christmas read but with sheer depth.

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