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Buried in Clay



Author Priscilla Masters
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749013301
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It is the year 1787. A man hastily puts the finishing touches to his beloved jug as police descend upon him. Arrest him and hang him. Almost two centuries later, the same jug reappears, but where has it dwelt since the fatal day of its creator? And what is the meaning behind the grotesque pictures that adorn it?

Now 1967 and antiques dealer Susanna Paris notices the jug at auction and immediately desires it. Faced with stiff competition, she prevails and wins the work of art. But an altercation with a charming older man, Richard Oliver, who also wants the piece, marks the beginning of a whirlwind romance, where she discovers the jug portrays pictures of his ancestral home; Hall o’ th’ Wood. She can hardly believe her luck, that is, until the jug gets stolen, only whom by?

Susanna cannot help but wonder over the piece of pottery and is further intrigued as sinister revelations about the inhabitants of Hall o’ th’ Wood’s history emerge. What happened two hundred years ago to cause such unrest centuries later? And why is Richard acting so strangely? Susanna vows to discover what deep, dark secret the Oliver family has been keeping before it’s too late.

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