Any one fancy a bucket of tea?

I am currently sat at my desk with a pint of tea. Yes, a pint. Somehow I have acquired the biggest mug of all time. It is bigger than my face. It takes two hands to drink from and I feel like I am falling headfirst into a well.

The mug (pictured above) was sent to me as a freebie from Sports Direct as I bought two small reflective wrist bands at £1.99 to wear when I run in the dark evenings. I expected a small parcel, maybe even an envelope with the bands folded inside. But no. I returned home from work to find a package the size of a small pony sat on the table. As I picked up the heavy parcel I started to panic, thinking perhaps I had had some kind of shopping blackout and bought all the new running shoes I’d been lusting after.

Thankfully all I pulled out was a gigantic mug, a three thousand page catalogue and my measly wrist bands. (I was actually a bit disappointed; I was hoping by some bizarre twist to have received something shiny and new by mistake.) While I appreciated the gesture from Sports Direct, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for my dainty Whittards of Chelsea cup.

What’s more, my cupboard was already filled with mismatched crockery and wine glasses so I decided to heave the oversized leviathan to work and drink my weight in Earl Grey each morning.

As it turns out, I feel quite smug at having such a colossal cup of tea (although Lesley’s cup is equally large and is currently sizing mine up). It lasts longer and for twenty brief minutes I can pretend that I am actually Alice in Wonderland.

 What’s your favourite mug?

Sophie Robinson, Publishing Assistant

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