A fond farewell…

I can scarcely believe it. But today is my last day at Allison & Busby. After many happy years here, the time has come for me to leave this lovely home and its large family of authors.

I’ve followed A&B around London, from the humble pad in Brixton, to the lovely offices in Charlotte Mews and then recently a few block over to Fitzroy Mews. But now, am moving further afield. Much, much, further afield – to the sunny climes of Sydney, Australia.

To every author, blogger, reviewer, writer, reporter, agent, bookseller, events manager, festival coordinator, customer and reader, I can only say one thing:

Thank You

For making this job as pleasureable as it has been.

I’ll be taking great memories with me Down Under (as well as a few A&B books of course…) and I bid you all the fondest of farewells.

Chiara Priorelli, today Publicity & Online Marketing Manager, tomorrow Temporary Woman of Leisure.



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