150 Curious Years of Alice

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was first published in 1865. It has never been out of print since. Carroll first wrote it for Alice Liddell, a child who was the daughter of a family friend.

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In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a little girl named Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole and finds the magical yet dangerous world of Wonderland. Animals talk and play games, food can change your size, and citizens live in fear of the merciless Red Queen. A sequel, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, was published in 1871. Alice returns to Wonderland for a second time by passing through a mirror.

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Even if you haven’t read the books, it’s impossible not to notice images of white rabbits, tea parties, playing cards and bottles labelled ‘drink me.’ They seem to be everywhere, for Carroll’s stories are so ingrained in our literary culture that they have inspired many things including films, video games, performances and fashion.

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150 years of Alice cannot help but make us wonder… Which books of our generation will still be popular 150 years from now? And, more importantly, why?

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