Wonders of the Web

The internet is full of wonderful, interesting things. You can literally spend hours just surfing from one website to the next. And I currently have two websites that keep me entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon: Stumble Upon and Life in Publishing.

The first, Stumble Upon, is a website where you join for free and tick boxes with regards to what interests you have. I ticked boxes for literature, writing, travel, photography and music. Stumble Upon then brings up other websites that match your interests, from the obscure to wonderful. It’s opened up a world of websites I would never have known existed. Stumble Upon introduced me to www.whichbook.net – it enables millions of combinations of factors and then suggests books which most closely match your needs. You can choose filter by everything from an expected or predictable ending to an optimistic or bleak tone. It’s a great way of finding your next read if you’re after something particular.

Stumble Upon also brings up photography that it thinks I might like, such as this beauty.

I even found this artist via Stumble Upon who carves books into landscapes. That’s one way to recycle. I think this one would look great in my living room:

Another website that’s kept me laughing – hysterically – is the Life in Publishing blog written by someone anonymous in New York who works in a publishing house. It’s basically just a selection of funny photographs and videos with publishing-related tag lines. Hardly any of them have actually applied to me, but I can’t help chuckling nonetheless.

Here’s a few posts I like

Perks of Publishing


The Penguin Merger

(Be warned, it’s easy to spend far too long scrolling through all the posts!)

What websites make you chuckle? What interesting things have you found on the web?

Sophie Robinson, Publishing Assistant


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