What you said about Glass Houses (Morganville Book 1)

Before Christmas, we ran a competition with our friends The Reading Agency and teen reading groups around the UK. We gave them the first installment in our Morganville Vampires series, Glass Houses, and asked for reviews – and in turn have now received some great and detailed responses.
Plenty of our reviewers mentioned how accurate the scenes of Claire (the-new-girl-in-town) being bullied were, and all the reviews captured the spirit of Morganville.
For instance, Natalie in Hull summed up the Glass House,  Claire’s new home, as ‘glamorous yet creepy…think Gone with the Wind meets The Munsters, and Emily in Corby got straight into the action and ‘felt ready to fight a coven of angry vampires with them!’ I would also have to agree with Jo in Peterborough that author Rachel Caine’s cliffhangers do succeed in making ‘Eastenders “Duf Dufs” look tame’.

It was a tough decision with such strong contenders, but our favourite in the end was the review from Laura Rochford from the teen reading group at Minster in Thanet Library, Kent. Laura wins the rest of the Morganville series, books 2 – 7 including the recently released Fade Out. Well done Laura! You can read hers (and the other reviews) in our What You Said… section on the Glass Houses book page.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic reviews we got from Wellsway School, Sirius Academy, Corby Business Academy, Lisa Barrett’s reading group in Lincolnshire and Jo Bryan’s group in Peterborough.

And to round off my vampire thoughts, I finally got around to watching the Twilight DVD at the weekend – not having read any of the books I wondered what all the fuss was about. All in all it was fun, but am I the only one that thought that the moments when Edward was demonstrating his speed were, well, a little funny? The image of him scampering up a hillside with Bella on his back made me giggle. There, said it, I now await the angry hordes of Twilight fans…

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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  1. Vampire speed-mo always tends towards the hilarious when shown on screen – Twilight just happens to do it worse than True Blood IMO.

    But that’s great about the love for Glass Houses; I’m a big Morganville fan, and it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one.

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