Wednesday Cover Story: Win a commission to create a Vintage Classics cover

I love it when the public is asked to take part in competitions to showcase their creativity – giving a voice to so many talented individuals that might otherwise go unnoticed.  So for today’s Wednesday Cover Story, I am delighted to flag up the fact that Vintage Classics are sponsoring The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and will be picking a winner from the finalists to win their Vintage Classics Cover Prize. The winner of this prize will get £500 as well as a commission to create the cover to a new Vintage Classics title.

Anyone thinking they can up their chances of being selected by mimicking the artistic style of other Vintage Classics covers will find there is no obvious pattern (see some of the varied covers below).

This is a good thing, as it will encourage any artist entering this competition to give free rein to their unique inspirations and style, although Vintage has provided a small tip: they will be looking for ‘boldness, simplicity and beauty’.

The competition launched this weekend (6 March) and the deadline for submissions is 23 June and the downloadable entry form will soon be available here from arts specialists Parker Harris.

I look forward to seeing the results!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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