Wednesday Cover Story: Two Paris Wives…

As mentioned in my blog yesterday, one of the books I bought here in Camden, Maine was The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain. Now, I already own a UK copy of the hardback, with its very simple but very striking design (the smooth metallic foil on the silhouette image contrasts nicely with the rough texture of the white cover). The copy I bought here was, obviously, the American version with a completely different cover design – a more standard photographic image, yet also quite arresting. In fact, I can’t decide which cover I prefer.  Whereas I find the UK cover more beautiful as a design, had I not known of this novel beforehand and just come across both editions on a table, I think the picture on the American cover might have enticed me more in terms of actually getting me to read the book. But I’m still torn.

Which do you prefer? Which would make you pick up the book to read?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager (reporting from Maine)

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