Wednesday Cover Story: Mary Nichols’ Hungarian look…

Mary Nichols’ books, The Summer House andThe Girl on the Beach have interestingly been very popular in Hungary. And now we’ve just recently sold rights to The Kirilov Star.

The cover design to a foreign edition can look extremely different to the UK version, and more often than not wouldn’t appeal to a UK market – highlighting the different trends and tastes of that particular foreign book audience (see last year’s post about The Summer House). However, looking at the Hungarian editions of The Girl on the Beach and The Kirilov Star (published in Hungary by General Press) I find that, whilst very different from the original UK designs, and more simplistic that your average UK cover, they are not so far removed from something you might see in a British bookshop.  Or would you disagree?





















Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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