Wednesday Cover Story: Fancy renting out the house on this book cover?

It’s the 1st of May, the sun is out and had my first lunch in the park with no coat on.  Summer is finally just round the corner and I can start looking forward to summer life: picnics and bike rides, ice-cream and beach-time, staying out late on those long warm nights, walking barefoot on grass, more ice-cream…  And inevitably I’ll start daydreaming about a future summer house I will one day (I tell myself) be able to afford. Some days it’s a converted barn farmhouse, with an orchard out back, a wooden deck, a view of cow pastures and the smell of hay and heat in the air. Other days it’s a rustic, mediterranean house,  with terracotta floors and views of the sea, a big kitchen for meals with family and friends and a hidden cove (my private beach) which noone has found but me.

The picture of a summer house can conjure up many different things. It can be a place that holds hidden secrets, a place to escape the past, a place for family reunions, a place for someone to rediscover themselves, a place for summer love…

Which is why it’s not suprising that, as it turns out, The Summer House is a popular book title. We’ve discovered four books that share the name, including our own release by Mary Nichols, the new release by Santa Montefiori, and two more by Marcia Willett and by Cristobel Kent.




















Which brings me to ask the questions: Which summer house would you want to escape to?  What story of your own could you see unfold there?

Can you imagine walking through that shaded gate of Mary Nichols’ summer house? Are you already picturing yourself relaxing on that dingy on Montefiore’s cover? Or looking at Kent’s book, can you picture yourself opening the shutters to that Italian villa and letting the sun stream in? Or are you drawn to Marcia Willett’s isolated house on the grassy hill, a place far away from rest of the world?

I know, I’m adding a lakeside summer house to my daydraming now…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicty & Online Marketing Manager

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