Wednesday Cover Story: BOOKS!

If you had a late one last night or you think there’s a headache creeping up on you, perhaps it would be best to view the rest of this blog post behind the safety of a pair of sunglasses. For it seems right to use the word ‘unleash’ for the cover and book I recently discovered and now present for your delectation.

BOOKS__cover_web_2048x2048If ever a book deserved to make an entrance with sound effects à la 1960s Batman (KAPOW! ZOINK! WHAMM! etc), this is it. As serendipity would have it, while browsing in Foyles on World Book Night I picked up a title that really summed up the wonder of books that the evening is all about.

The suitably titled BOOKS! (both caps and exclamation mark are integral to it’s style and tone) by Murray McCain, illustrated by John Alcorn, was originally published in 1962. The ‘retro’ style and fluorescent inks used throughout put me in mind of the Banana Splits, Yellow Submarine and perhaps Monty Python. If you have any other suggestions, answers on a postcard please.

BOOKS! is an introduction to the concept of books for young children, including some long, colourful (in very sense of the word) lists of what books can contain, from wizards to space ships. It even managed to examine the nuts and bolts of books, or rather the glue and stitching, in a fun way. Do follow the link to Ammo Books’ website where you can see some of the spreads for yourself.

If you have a young ‘un that you want infected with a buzz about books and reading, I really think this would be an excellent one to get them excited.

Lesley Crooks, Digital & Online Marketing Manager

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