Wednesday Cover Story: An Agatha Christie Moment

Stylist has alerted us to the fact that it is Agatha Christie week in Devon from the 9-16th September and has featured a nice article about her iconic cover art. Cover art being a daily discussion in the A&B office (depending on how it’s going the discussion can either end in much despair or a hallelujah moment) this was of much interest to us. In fact, as we love our historical crime so much we’ve actually already got an Agatha Christie-esque Pinterest board up and running. Check it out here…

Personally I think the headline image reminds me rather terrifyingly of Munch’s The Scream – but that is personal taste.

This vintage cover too, makes me think of a particularly bad nightmare.


I’m definitely more partial to the gentler images in the more recent editions such as this one:


Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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