Reaching a reader…98 years late

Got an idea? Want to ask a question? Today it only takes a few keystrokes into Twitter, Facebook or an email to reach a mind-boggling number of people on the other side of the world instantly.

Which is probably why I like this story about a record-breaking message in  a bottle so much. Stumbling upon a message note from an unknown/mysterious person from long ago and / or far away… It sounds a bit like a plot device from a slightly cheesy movie (one I’d probably love, I hasten to add! Edit: Ah, Nicholas Sparks and Kevin Costner, it had to be you two didn’t it?). Now, granted in this case it wasn’t a missive from a person marooned on a desert island, or a heartbroken plea from a star-crossed lover, as it very practically was intended for scientific research. But perhaps it might give hope to someone in the middle of writers’ block – hang in there, your words will find an audience one day!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Marketing Manager

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