Wednesday Cover Story: A hair-raising tale…

There’s been lots of commentary in the past week over the new Faber edition of The Bell Jar. Sara contributed with her post here and Faber posted a very evenhanded response.

Another week, and another cover controversy dawned, proving again how fiercely readers hold books and characters dear to them. Do you remember Anne of Green Gables? I know I read it as a kid, but having a good friend who adores the books, an article regarding a furore cover art caught my eye.

To sum up, the publishers of this edition failed to grasp a not-so-subtle nuance of Anne’s character. To wit, Anne is red-haired; a possessor of auburn locks; a carrot-top; ginge. Many adjectives that are not conveyed by the image that has since been removed in response to the 500-and-counting 1 star reviews.

These stories serve as a warning to publishers to tread carefully when packaging beloved books that have stood the test of time.

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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