A Different Way to Celebrate Pancake Day

This week most people are either looking forward to Valentine’s Day or trying to ignore it. Me, I’m looking past it at something much more important – today is Pancake Day. I really hope someone reading this blog has forgotten this fact and now joyfully realises they have an excuse to gorge themselves on sweet lemony goodness; if that’s all any of my blog posts ever inspires, that would be fantastic.

However, Googling the word ‘pancake’ (I don’t really know why . . .) has given me a little more to say, because in doing so I discovered the world of Waldo Pancake. Waldo Pancake has nothing to do with batter-based snacks – he’s a man named (and I quote) ‘Jim Smith, the most boringly named designer, illustrator and copywriter in the world. That’s why I call myself Waldo Pancake.’

I’m sure many people, like myself, will have come across a Waldo Pancake design (or a Barry Loser book), but until now I didn’t have a name to put to the product. So perhaps this Shrove Tuesday is a time to celebrate Waldo Pancake’s quirky designs. Or maybe just the things that randomly Googling words like ‘pancake’ can bring. For instance, I now want these:








Happy Pancake Eating!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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