Wednesday Cover story: 'Like stuffing a rottweiler in a dress'

Lionel Shriver presented a no-holds barred argument for less girly covers on her books in the guardian on Friday. Read article here…

She maintains that publishers are underestimating women readers, cutting off potential male readers with soft-focus designs, and worst of all by dressing up hard-hitting novels in pastels and giving them weak titles, preventing quality books from being taken seriously in the male-dominated world of ‘important literature’.

It’s an interesting argument and one I am sure will become an industry talking point. I’m keen to know what women readers think though. Are there books you have read recently that say ‘soft and girly’ on the front but deliver something different? Shriver references Jodi Picoult in her discussion but what about others? And male readers, are there books you would have liked to read but were put off by the girly cover?

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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