Wannabe a writer? Be a Figmentling.

Talk about the internet and inevitably the words “there is just so much out there” will crop up in conversation. It’s a fact – trawling the web can be truly overwhelming…which is why I particularly love the last page in Easy Living magazine where they select websites that have caught their eye that particular month, from interesting online retail stores to quirky blogs. It’s also the reason why I tend to check the little column in the Metro which occasionally flags up sites that peak my curiousity.

Today was one of those occasions: they mentioned the website Figment. It is a community geared mainly towards people sharing their own writing and connecting with eachother. I imagine it would appeal to many wannabe writers – a place to showcase your work (even whilst it’s still in progress), get feedback from others, and get extra motivation to write with competitions like the current Serial Contest.

Anything that gets people spending less time watching TV and more time being creative is a good thing in my book.

Plus, once you sign up (or ‘write yourself up’) you officially get called a Figmentling. Personally, I think that’s reason enough to join.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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