Veg out on veg this week

It is a fairly recognised fact that plant-based foods are the healthiest foods for our bodies and I try to incorporate quite a few vegetarian meals into my culinary week. So, whilst leafing through Morrisons’ free magazine, which I happened to pick up over the weekend, I was delighted to come across a snippet of news flagging up that this week is National Vegetarian Week.

Always one to welcome more foodie inspiration, I logged on to the website and have already clocked one recipe I’ll be trying at some point over the next few days: Chickpea and Cashew Korma with Spicy Rice.

Also liked the look of the Risotto Stuffed Ramiro Peppers.

So, if you ever thought of exploring more veggie food, this is the week to do it – with veggie competitions, special offers and events happening around the country. Read more here…

Of course, for anyone prompted to argue (and it’s an argument generally presented by the male population) that a vegetarian diet is ‘bird food’ and can only provide adequate sustenance for scrawny-looking hippies or size 0 models, and not strong, hefty, muscly men…well, I’d challenge you to bench press more than a plant-eating gorilla.  Case closed. Eat your veg.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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