Unfinished Business

Technology seems to be getting smarter by the day. Now it seems Kobo can collect data about its users and their reading habits. Interestingly, new data shows that, although The Goldfinch was the 37th bestselling ebook of the year for the retailer, it was completed by just 44.4% of Kobo’s British readers.


Perhaps the mammoth 800+ pages was a bit much for some people? It seems many readers put down books prematurely, such as Twelve Years a Slavewhich placed ninth on Kobo’s bestseller list but only 28.2% of readers completed the book.

What’s even more startling is that there is an unexpected divide between bestsellers, and the books that readers actually complete. So it’s one thing to be a bestseller, but something else to have the book actually finished. Read The Guardian‘s article in full here and see which titles fare as the most completed versus bestselling.

How often do you leave a book unfinished or do you always battle on until the end?

Sophie, Editorial Admin.

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