Twitter Favourites: Scraps from the Slush Pile

There’s been a Twitter revolution in the A&B office. For years, as the phenomenon grew, most of us refused to get involved, convinced it would be a Facebook-esque time waster. But gradually, over the last few months, the Twitter accounts have trickled through and now all but one of us are Tweeting away (@SusieAandB, @AandBChiara, @crookslesley, @sophierbsn89, and me @saramagness…. Christina, you’ll be next!)

I have to admit, sometimes I’m not in the mood to come up with a pithy, 140-character observation on life. But even when I’m not Tweeting, there are certain Twitter accounts I always enjoy looking at, whether they make me laugh or keep me informed when I haven’t got time to read a newspaper. And so, what better way to celebrate these fantastic Tweeters than by mentioning them on the A&B blog from time to time?

So here’s my current favourite, one with a definite publishing theme: @dogVSslushpile. All you need to know is written in their Twitter description, which reads, ‘Following a senseless dog attack on a slush pile at a top literary agency, these soggy scraps are all that remain, fleeting glimpses of what might have been.’ I don’t know if the Tweets are scraps from real-life manuscripts or just the inventions of some literary agent with a good sense of humour – given these examples, I’d have to hope for the latter!

“Jaxon’s first time on a horse was like riding a living bike.” — Dog vs Slush Pile November 16, 2012

“It was a beautiful sunset, honestly, you should have seen it, it was amazing.” — Dog vs Slush Pile November 12, 2012

“Numbers. They’re just numbers, right? Squiggles on a page. Wrong. For Jon C. Michaels, numbers were like colors and math was the rainbow.” — Dog vs Slush Pile  November 9, 2012

“The shoe fit like a glove.” — Dog vs Slush Pile October 25, 2012

“Kit had to ask himself an important question. Was it murder if no one was dead?” — Dog vs Slush Pile  October 8, 2012

“The moon lit up the sky like a night sun.” — Dog vs Slush Pile  October 8, 2012

I hope no one out there recognises their own hard work…

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

P.S. And of course, don’t forget to follow our own Twitter account @AllisonandBusby!

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