Train your brain (and have fun in the process)

It’s a known fact that the Telegraph Online is an excellent source of news, features, review pages, blogs TV and job listings etc…but were you aware that it offered brain-training excercises too?

If not, allow me to introduce you to Word Bubbles – a brain-training game to which I am now seriously addicted and causing fierce competition between my sister and I, after she introduced me to this game over the weekend.
Apparently it is “designed to train and improve your processing speed. It targets verbal fluency by training you to think flexibly and creatively to come up with words.” (So it must work – evidenced by the fast and fluid string of colourful and increasingly imaginative expletives that come out of my mouth when my brain freezes.)

You can find a list of more brain games here or visit Luminosity, the brain-child (pardon the pun) behind these excerises.

I noted that the games fall under the Telegraph‘s career tools pages – in other words, improve your brain, get a better job. Perhaps next time you update your CV you may want to include your high-scores…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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