Things to remember for the LBF

Last week went by in a blur of catalogue printing, poster printing and filling and hauling about various boxes of goodies destined for our stand at the London Book Fair – which kicks off today.   And here are a few personal tips based on a few years of experience…

  • The weather system inside of Earls Court will be the complete opposite of the weather outside Earls Court; either glacially cold if the sun is shining or stuffy as anything if a fierce wind is blowing outside.
  • Essential kit for the first morning: tea; scissors (for unpacking many many boxes); exhibitor pass (…do not forget exhibitor’s pass…); schedule; more tea.
  • Be ready with a smile for the half dozen or so would-be author approaches.
  • The seminar you thought would be of the most interest will provide nothing out of the ordinary and you will fight through crowds and importuning strangers to hear the last minutes of one that probably answered your burning question of the moment.

Good luck to all!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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