Thierry Henry Hoover

Over the past few days my ears have been picking up bizarro news stories left, right and centre, but the one that has really stuck in my mind made me picture homes and work places across Ireland becoming neglected and bedraggled-looking soon.

Y’see, following a certain (dirty, stinking, cheating…) incident involving Thierry Henry, apparently scores of Irish have taken umbrage with their Henry Hoovers. To the extent that “some have painted over the name on the cleaner and wiped the smile off its little red face” says The Sun

According to family over the water, the controversy of M. Henry’s hand of god moment has had such media focus that the incredible floods that have hit places like Galway (easily rivaling the devastation that swept through Cumbria) have gone relatively uncovered on the news. Horrible, but at least thanks to The Sun we can enjoy a fine bit of photoshopping that sees Henry meet Henry.

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Marketing Manager

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