The Next Big Thing

I had a very excited email last week from a friend telling me she’d finished her novel. I paused for a second and thought, what an astonishing sentence. We studied literature and creative writing together at university and she went on to do a Masters in the latter at Oxford. Now at the young age of twenty-two, after over four year’s hard work, she has a novel. Not only is it finished, it’s amazing.

I loaded it onto my e-reader, sat down with a cup of tea and started reading. My mind was blown. I always knew she could write, but this was crafted. And beautifully so. I felt like I’d just found the next Deborah Levy or Alison Moore. Now it’s finished, she’ll go onto the next stage of editing and shaping it up for literary agents. But I feel incredibly privileged to have had the first glimpse. Finishing a novel is such an impressive achievement; I’m in awe of people that have done it because it takes so much patience and dedication. I remember the late night frustrations and self-doubt, but to persevere and produce a brilliant piece of work is an incredible feat. It makes me think I’d like to achieve something great like that in my lifetime. I just need the self-discipline first!

So here’s to Daisy Johnson, a new talent to watch. Peter Hoeg would be proud.

Sophie Robinson, Publishing Assistant

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