London Lines

If you’re a book lover who lives in or near London, you may already know that the London Literature Festival is currently underway. Taking place on the South Bank, this annual celebration of all things literary offers a huge array of events to keep bookworms busy.

One that’s particularly caught my eye is London Lines, a series of events running from 31st May to 8th September, featuring ‘new poems to make you question your relationship with the capital’. Poets from around London will be composing new works contemplating the city, and then handing the poems over to artists, who will create physical versions of the work (murals, films, sculptures etc.) to be exhibited during another of Southbank’s Centre‘s great offerings, Festival of Neighbourhood.

I’m intrigued by the idea of adapting a poem into a physical work of art – is it possible to capture the same meaning and essence in such different forms? I think, especially as it’s all brilliantly free of charge, I’ll be heading to the South Bank to see if I can find out…

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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